Thursday, December 27, 2012

For the love of a paperback book, hands-free

I love to read.

Much of what I love to read, especially when I just need something that doesn't require much effort from me (unlike reading to learn), comes in the form of a paperback book.

Hardcover books are nice, but I don't in the least mind a paperback book. In fact, I often prefer their smaller size and lighter weight. But when I am reading for pleasure, I am often also trying to do something else, usually involving food. That can be a challenge.

Most paperback books simply refuse to stay open by themselves. Book weights are useful if you are sitting at a table, but when you are sitting in bed with a book propped up on your knees while you enjoy a dish of ice cream... Well, to say the least, it is challenging.

Or, when you are eating your lunch at the park and want to make the most of your hour before returning to work by walking at least half the time, you might read your book while eating. Again, challenging.

 I looked all over online to find a solution and I didn't find anything just quite right, so I spent time on my commute thinking about what I could make. What I came up with is a hardcover for your paperback. It holds your book open and even saves your place when you close it.

Admittedly, it took a little getting used to, but I soon found I was using a hands-free holder for any paperback I read, even if I didn't need the hands-free option. Then my son tried it and claimed a cover for his own. Sometimes he uses it and sometimes he doesn't. Now he tells me that it's caught the interest of some of his classmates.

E-readers might eventually replace paper books, but it will be a long time before everyone quits reading paper books. After all, they are in abundant supply at local new and used bookstores, libraries, library book sales, tag sales, and even still at the big box stores. And, I do have plans to incorporate a system to hold an e-reader in my hands-free book covers just as soon as I can. There is no point in fighting progress, after all.

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