Monday, December 17, 2012

Red and grey squirrel proof bird feeder


Perhaps when you viewed my last post, you were looking at the bird feeder and it made you wonder, after all it is a bit comical looking. Well, I'll tell you a about it.

Our bird feeder is mounted on a piece of conduit that is attached to our deck railing. It is supposed to be a squirrel proof bird feeder, but the squirrels in our neck of the woods figured it out a long time ago. No doubt the squirrels in your neighborhood are just as crafty.

Add a few trees conveniently growing within jumping distance and the squirrels had a free all-you-can-eat buffet. Not that I mind feeding the squirrels, but it was soon going to cost more to feed them than us!

Then I found the cone shaped squirrel baffles. I think the intent is that you just put one on the post underneath the feeder and the poor squirrels sit there and look at it confused. Then they stand up and climb the pole and get more confused. It really is quite entertaining. I'll try to get a photo someday. The squirrels don't like me anymore.

But, we have have those ever so convenient trees from which these acrobats dance to the ends of the branches and then gracefully leap to the feeder and stretch out across the top and feast away. So, I put a baffle above the feeder and now when a squirrel lands on the baffle, it is in for a great tipsy ride followed by an unceremonious plunk to the deck. See? They really don't like me anymore.

The baffles are not attached to the pole, instead they just rest on a clamp on the pole which makes them tippy and they can spin. Now the squirrels are mad and confused, but the birds are happy, and I am amused watching the antics of the poor squirrels trying to beat the baffles.

So why is this post titled "Red and grey squirrel proof bird feeder"? 

Because the midnight raiders, the flying squirrels, have much better aim when leaping from the trees and successfully feast nightly. At least there are fewer of them.