Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Welcome to Bountiful Woods

Life in the woods is indeed rich and full.

My intent with this blog is to share some of that richness and fullness of everyday life.

Every day is different and so I anticipate that the posts to come on this blog will be about a variety of things.

Everyone has more to do in a day than seems possible most days, so I will try to keep posts short and sweet. To the point. Sometimes though, please forgive me, I may ramble. A ramble through the woods can do wonders for your heart.

And just as there isn't time every day for a ramble, I don't anticipate this blog will have new posts daily. Just as often as I can. So join me when you can in the Bountiful Woods.


P.S. This is a design in progress, so if looks different next time, and the time after, and so on... well, it's just me doing the rearranging, just like the furniture in the house and the annual flowers in thier beds.