Friday, January 11, 2013

Creative "ice" day

Opportunity is on my mind today. Due to icy roads and freezing rain, school has been cancelled for the day. Not as good as a snow day, but I'm almost as excited as the kids who now have an unexpected three-day weekend.

On the list for a day like today is a mixture of fun, make that yum!, and making some rooms more bearable.

Roadblock for testing motorized K'nex monster trucks
This post is taking a turn I didn't anticipate when I started writing. 

Remember? No resolutions, just determination; except that the kids just might be more determined to not get the list done than I am determined to get it done. And they have the support of all the rest of the kids in the neighborhood, who are beginning to drop in left and right. After all, it's not fair to make them pick up their rooms when their buddies are here, is it?

I was going to follow up this post with one about the fruits of our creative day. However, it looks like we'll be lucky to make at least one thing on the list of sweets and never mind the mess. Maybe I will stir up some bread dough and make another cup of tea. After all, there's always tomorrow. 

Have a great day!