Wednesday, January 9, 2013

No resolutions, just determination

New Year's Day came and went, and I did not make any resolutions.

But, as I look around each day, I become more determined to get some things done. 

Less than a year ago, I was given the opportunity to spend a great deal of time cleaning, organizing, and arranging the house. I did it.

And now, after several months, it is quite apparent that it needs some of that same cleaning, organizing, and arranging.

Things I'm determined to deal with in the short term:

Messy birds and squirrels, adding to my list
  • organizing the photos on at least one hard drive (it will be years, I think, before I am up to tackling the printed photos)
  • finish preserving the Digital8 tapes on DVD and hard drives
  • reclaiming the walk-in closet in our bedroom from paper piles and photo avalanches
  • daughter's bedroom (it's beyond her abilities at this point)
  • learn more about Facebook, Pinterest, Picasa, IrfanView, Blogger (this blog needs more formatting), Chrome, Google+, and so on
  • guest bedroom which doubles as my creative space
  • more frequent and more interesting blog posts
  • create more items for the shop (BountifulWoods on

Things I've accomplished lately: 

  • moving all the paper piles and junk from the walk-in closet onto the floor of the bedroom, the closet is vastly improved, the bedroom however...
  • running three computers at one time to save movie files on all available hard drives as additional backups and found out one hard drive is too small!
  • two 500 piece puzzles completed and another one started with a little help from the rest of the family
  • burned at least two copies of one Digital8 tape to DVD
  • drank many cups of tea a day in an effort to stay warm without turning up the furnace before lighting a fire for the day

  • frittered away hours on the computer learning how to use Facebook (I finally succumbed), Pinterest, Blogger, Google+, Chrome, Picasa (well, not yet, but getting there), how to watermark photos with IrfanView (can use fonts, unlike Picasa), updating the photos on this blog and for the BountifulWoods Etsy shop with watermarked photos (most done, not all)
  • transferred the last Digital8 tape to the oldest laptop hard drive as this is the only computer in the house that can connect to the camcorder
Final tape transfer and puzzle in progress
  • drank another cup of tea
  • shut the door on daughter's bedroom
Ahhh, mess dealt with!
Please bear with me and I will try my best to get on a better schedule of more interesting and creative posts.