Saturday, April 27, 2013


Acorns. What is their magnetic attraction to my hands?
A gatherer by nature, my pockets are never empty when I've been outside. Picking up small fallen branches and twigs where the snow has melted, I find my hands and pockets filling up with treasures and trash:  acorns and acorn caps that survived the winter, air soft BBs, a scrap of birch bark blowing around, an agate or another interesting rock to add to the rocks surrounding three sides of the house. Although one never knows what will be found when the snow melts, it does tend to repeat consistently.
Not all finds end up in my pockets. The greatest joys come from finding a bit of green pushing its way through the brown, especially when one is expecting, or rather, hoping with fingers crossed, that some beloved perennial survived the frozen months. Or perhaps it may be a new plant springing to life from a scattered seed.

Johnny-jump-ups in new places.

What seems almost magical to me is the effect of these little finds as they spark a bit of creativity. In truth, the sunshine and its warmth have more to do with the release from the doldrums. I am grateful for both.
Inspiring finds.