Thursday, May 30, 2013

Promises kept, part 2

Despite the late start, we have May flowers...

One of the two crabby crabapples finally bloomed this year! Maybe the other one will follow suit next year and quit being so crabby! I'm not sure how long ago we planted them as bareroot sticks, but it's been at least three years.

Wood anemones are abundant in the wooded areas and the among the first woodland flowers.

Wood anemone

A few of the wild blueberries in my blueberry patch are blooming. It looks like I might get another thimbleful this year, but it's so hard to trim them back because they are so small and it  takes two years after trimming to get more blossoms and berries.

The lady's slippers are growing nicely!

The wild oats (bellwort) with their gentle nodding heads are one of the earliest flowers in the wild flower bed.

Alas, unless they open in two days, I shall miss the lilacs this year.

A pink sonata cosmos, one of several I plant around the well each year because they hide it so nicely.

So sunny and bright! I just don't understand how anyone could not love them!

What's blooming in your neck of the woods?