Monday, May 20, 2013


Only in the beginning, when the leaves are just starting to grow, is true "spring green" color found in the woods on the aspen and ironwood.

Violets and wild bergamot beginning to grow.

Hmmm... does anyone remember which perennial this is?  I'm happy to see it return to life!

 Some Cosmos self-seeded! You really cannot know how excited I am about this!

Poor rhubarb, it was mistreated early in life and continues to struggle. Maybe some year we'll actually be able to eat some.

And the best promise of them all. These little shoots are the rebirth of plants that take several years to mature enough to bloom. They cannot be transplanted because they rely on a fungus in the soil where they grow. Both of these are mature enough to bloom this year and although I haven't spied them yet, there should be two or three more plants nearby. They are yellow lady's slipper orchids, and they are in the woods outside my kitchen window.