Friday, May 10, 2013

Using hands-free paperback book holders for hardcover books

Sometimes it is hard to admit when you've had an ah-hah! moment because you feel quite the fool for not having realized what is now so very obvious.

Until now, I've said that my paperback book holders do not work with hardcover books. An ah-hah! moment opened my eyes to a way that they may be used to hold a hardcover book.

When using the paperback book cover to hold open a hardcover book, use the wide elastic bands to hold the covers rather than trying to slide them into the fabric pockets. This method will also work with paperback books that are just a bit too large to for the pockets.

This hardcover book is almost the same size as the mass market sized book holder.

A smaller hard cover book, such as this one, fits beautifully into a trade sized book holder.
A full-sized hardcover book like this works best with the larger trade sized book holders although it doesn't really close.
Depending upon the size of your hardcover book, you may or may not be able to close the book. Even if you aren't able to close the book, it will still function as a hands-free book holder, helping hold your place. It works best if the hard cover book is not taller, wider, or thicker than the book holder.

The covers close with varying degrees of success.

Now, I'm off to the shop to update all my tags, titles, and listing descriptions, provided that this gorgeous sunny day is really as cold as forecast! And as soon as it is warm again (we're having a "cool" weekend) a photo session is order too. Now that spring is really here, I'm looking forward to more outdoor product shots. As you can probably tell, the photos in this post were taken on a grey day and tend to look dark and blue.

Happy reading!