Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Last of the spring blossoms

These are the last of the spring blossoms...
The wild (true) geraniums were absolutely beautiful this year. They are still blooming in many places.  Wild geraniums do well in a wild flower bouquet or as single stems in a bottle or vase.  Buds will often open for the first few days after being cut and put in water.

I almost missed getting a picture of my lone tulip. There should be two tulips, but the deer ate off one before it bloomed. The began their lives in a paper cup, brought home for Mother's Day by my daughter; she had two different teachers that did that in different years.

This is actually the beginning, rather than the end of the blossoms for the Sonota cosmos I like to plant around the well each year to disguise it.

I didn't miss the lilacs at all while we were on vacation. They were in perfect full bloom when we returned home! I think this hybrid must have been bred for extreme scent and nothing else as it has very weak stems and doesn't last at all if cut, but it sure is fragrant!

The yellow lady's slippers. I consider them to be a true miracle as they can only grow where the soil contains just the right fungus and then it takes several years for the plant to mature enough to blossom.

The johnny jump-ups (yes, some of these are voluntary violas) are getting very tall and I think they may need cutting back and thinning for the strawberries they are fronting (and invading) to be able to produce any fruit!

Now that summer is here, there are fewer things blooming in the woods, but more in the edges and open areas. Some wild spring greens that make great additions to salads are still tender and tasty, particularly lamb's quarters and wood sorrel.