Monday, September 2, 2013


Slicing pickling cukes. The slicer was a lucky garage sale bargain last year.  It made quick work of slicing all the cucumbers, but I did slice the ends by hand with knife. The very ends went into the compost.

Pickling spices and syrup cooled and ready to pour over the salted and drained cucumber slices.

All ready for the refrigerator - no hot water canning! :)
I looked at recipes in two old cookbooks and while basically following one, I changed it just a bit to suit.  It's equal parts apple cider vinegar and sugar brought to a boil, then celery seed and mustard seed added. When it is cool, pour over salted and drained cucumber slices alternated with thinly sliced onion in canning jars.  Alternatively, you can add some salt to the liquid and skip the step of salting the cucumbers. 

I think this is what I did last year, skipping the salting step, but I forgot to make notes in the cookbook.  After making these, I slipped a note in the cookbook and if these turn out to my liking, I'll move the note permanently to the cookbook page.  

These won't be tried until the supply of fresh cucumbers runs out and there are no more fresh pickles in the fridge (fresh meaning cucumber slices in apple cider vinegar).