Monday, April 28, 2014

Aha! Journals and Journaling

I've been somewhat fascinated by art journals for quite some time, but I've never started one of my own.  As I was just looking at some more pictures of these quirky, all-too-often strange, but frequently beautiful books, there was an "aha!" moment.

All those little scraps of pretty paper, interesting bits and bobs, and other ephemera that I've been hoarding because there is just something about them that is too good for the garbage are just waiting to be put into a personal journal.

This idea of putting them into a book of mini-collages for my own personal enjoyment is growing in its appeal for me. There will be no rules. No critiques. Just pure, frivolous enjoyment. And a place to record a fleeting thought or two.

Now, would it be going to far to convince myself this is a perfect project upon which to try my hand at some simple bookbinding?