Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Last of the wildflowers to bloom

When the woodland sunflowers begin to fade and the asters blossom the end of summer is at hand.

I recently read a comment that the summer solstice should really mark "mid-summer" rather than the beginning of summer.

Red damsel fly on a plantain leaf
In thinking about the solstices and equinoxes marking the beginning of each season, I do agree with the commentator that it doesn't really fit in this northern climate.

Late season September strawberries
The spring equinox more often than not, marks for us the ending of winter and the reminder that spring WILL come eventually.  The autumn equinox seems to arrive about mid-autumn, not at the beginning. As far as the winter solstice, quite often, winter is in full swing that day.

A wet and rainy August means lush greens at the beginning of September as the asters blossom

So in a year like this, when spring seemed so late and June was cool, followed by a wet and rainy August, I'm not sure which part of summer was marked by this year's solstice. But like always, in the past year we experienced the two undeniable seasons: winter and road construction.